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6.x-1.x-dev-pasq Download (2.98 KB) Release notes Sep 28 2009

This module is useful when you want to create a new node revision but do not want to publish it yet. There are many modules which try to achieve this functionality, but all goes against the simple Drupal core rule, that the latest revision is the active revision.

This module creates
1. new "Revision draft" content type which is used to store revision drafts of existing nodes. It is created as a copy of the original node.
2. new action "Publish the revision draft" which adds a new revision to the original node, and rewrites the node content (teaser and body only!)

could be used with Scheduled actions to publish the draft.

install steps with Scheduled actions:
1. enable "Revision draft" and "Scheduled Actions" modules
2. select the schedulable action on admin/settings/scheduled-actions page
make sure the "Publish the revision draft" action is enabled for the "Revision draft" content type
3. goto admin/content/types and edit the content type (e.g. Book) which will be used with the revision draft functionality.
on content type edit page under "Workflow settings" enable the "Revision draft"
4. on admin/user/permissions page make sure that "revision_draft module" and "sched_act module" permissions are enabled for given user roles
(5. on admin/build/themes/settings page the "Display post information on" "Revision draft" could be unchecked if it is unchecked for the Book content type to ensure that the layout is similar to the original node)

- open any Book, the "Create revision draft" tab should be visible (between the tabs above the content)
- click on it, and add any test text to the body field
- save the draft (the draft should be similar to the original. note: the taxonomy terms are not saved with the draft.)
- click on the "Scheduler" tab (it should be visible for the revision draft nodes, if install step 2 and 4 were made correctly)
- Add scheduled action "Publish the revision draft", schedule it to current time, and save
- run cron.php (can by simply typed into url like or run from the admin menu; first menu item->"Run cron")
- the original (Book) node body should be overwritten (as cron triggered the scheduled action).
- the draft node can be deleted (or used as next revision draft for the same node).

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